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I am writing this letter to formally thank Joe (Proprietor) and Chris (Shop Manager) and his staff for their wonderful service. I have had occasion recently to have 2 of my personal firearms refinished by KG Coatings, and this is by far the most exceptional work I’ve seen to date. I cannot express enough gratitude for their work, and hope that this letter will also serve as al glowing recommendation of this company and it’s staff Throughout the refinishing process I was called and notified whenever there were questions, and thoroughness was never in question. Chris and his staff spoke with me on several occasions and were not only very polite and professional, but were also very prudent and demonstrated the perfectionism that this company exudes. I want to also point out that Joe is a man of his word and calls customers himself if any questions arise. Upon a minor error in billing Joe immediately corrected it and took the time to do so with an apology as well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering them for not only their work values but also their dedication to providing a top-notch service. Thank you for all your efforts.

Andrew S. Thompson

I have been using your product for the last 2 years and have custom built 65 firearms and coated with your products and is the best on the market for apperance and durability, won’t use anything else, and have tried all.Thank you Joe for such a great product.

RP's Firearm Repair

Great product and a wonderful staff, every time I have called with a question, they were there for me. I have been using your product for over 9yrs, most of the firearms were done for law enforcement and most of those for SWAT Teams. These guns see a lot of use and abuse, yet your coating are still holding up, some 9 years later. I have received a lot of compliments and more business than I want at times, due to your products. I am also in law enforcement and have not only coated my duty firearms but also my family and friends personal hunting firearms. This is a great product with a great staff to back it, and I appreciate both, and I just wanted to let you know.

D. Oliver