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Certified training class

KG  has recently instituted a certified training program. The cost of our two day class is $1000 per person, each addition person per company will be $600.

Certified trainers will be highlighted on our website with logo, link to website, email and phone number.  There will also be social media benefits, a banner for your shop as well as a KG logo shirt.

Certified applicators will also receive special sales only offered to those taking the 2 day class.

You will receive individual training on the following topics:

  • Overview of Products
  • Differences in product lines
  • Prep
  • De-greasing
  • Proper racking
  • Coating selection for substrate
  • Equipment and Operation of equipment
  • Application Methods
  • Curing procedures per substrate
  • Problem solving/Troubleshooting
  • Personal projects

For more info and to book your class please email us at info@kgcoatings.com